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I have fooled around quite a bit on the Internet, and somewhere in the course of it all I got the bright idea to make a wiki about myself. It's a pretty easy format (wiki is) to work with, though I acknowledge that the Internet in general is not the most self-absorption-friendly environment. Here is my best effort to make something of the mix of it. Thanks for your interest.


I was born Clint Marshall Hendrix, and by the time I was a teenager I had become the baptized godson of Robert Jeff Munnis, a relationship that would give more significant definition to my life than any other detail of my mundane existence. It is my understanding that he and I currently hold positions within the political structure of Earthly religion, he being effectively and maybe exactly the reincarnation of Lord Rāma of Ayodhyā, known to the Catholic Church as our Father Who art in Heaven. Being his godson I would therefore be positioned as the Christ Brahmā, who was Jesus of Nazareth and before that Pharaoh Akhenaten. In the context of Aquarian mythology, the late Aquarian style of its revelation being E. Gary Gygax's Dungeons & Dragons game, Jeff is known as the Solar deity Pelor, while I am patron deity of the gentle folk (elves) Corellon Larethian.

In the context of religious orthodoxy, this means that I am the official representative of masculine, white, Solar style, and seasonally simple (Aries-Pisces) wisdom, otherwise known as personal salvation. Fairly close to my style, but politically distinct, is the more truly Terrestrial style faith of Blue Öyster Cult, and I was blessed to have a meaningful friendship with Lunar style representative Evan McGough, reincarnation of 16th century saint Caitanya Mahāprabhu. Psychic revelations tell me also that Irish rock band U2 plays a similar role here, but in terms of the Galactic style of simple wise level orthodoxy.

These styles as I've been describing pertain more to aspects of the known universe represented than to phases of life. Earth has a particular sense of seasonality that moves along in connection with its equinoctial precession, a twenty-six thousand year cycle called the Great Year, which is divided twelve-fold into the Ages of the Zodiac. I mentioned that the true Christian faith is amongst Solar faiths focused around the Ages of Aries and Pisces. Judaism before that was in its season of strength from mid-Taurus till mid-Aries, though the Abrahamic faith is still very strong as the progressive rock band Rush, guitarist Alex Lifeson being Abraham hisself, in earlier incarnations being revered as Sanat-kumāra, leader of the prophetic ṛṣis.

Amrit Yoga is the living embodiment of Gemini-Taurus religion, commonly known as the Vedic faith or Hinduism. At least that is true of Solar style, where Self-Realization Fellowship is Lunar Veda. Buddhism traces back internally to the Ages of Cancer and Gemini, and there are styles that have even deeper history than that. On the other side of things, St. Peter is currently incarnate as a good friend of mine Sean Carter, and he is the masculine authority figure for the Islamic faith, his position amongst their prophets being comparable to Alex Lifeson's role amongst Jews. Sean and I were both friends in High School with Nathan Crowder, the specific reincarnation of Muhammad, his style being externally like the internal mood of Rush's Geddy Lee.

The Jehovah's Witnesses will have their season of strength from mid-Aquarius to mid-Capricorn (the Mormons being the Lunar counterpart in that Age), and then Catholicism reaches its peak towards the end of the Age of Capricorn. There are other seasonal styles, but these seven are relatively cooperative with Earth and so are more trusted as being orthodoxically wise here. My own way of participating tends to be very private, and I have a great deal of interest in the “Who's Who” of religion, including many deities. I will use this wiki to describe some of the universe as I see it and say what I know about some of the people I try to respect (and maybe a few of those who I don't always succeed in respecting).

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